We are frequently asked by patients what dental implants are and what they are used for in modern dentistry.

This question can be answered very simply:
A dental implant is an artificial root of titanium or metal-free material. For dentures with implants, the adjacent teeth are left „at rest“, i. H. a grinding, with loss of substance can be completely avoided.

Implants look very natural and avoid bone loss. Special burs are used to prepare the bone so that the implant fits into it as if it had been cast on. The implant serves as a supporting pillar for crowns, bridges or prostheses.

With proper oral hygiene implants placed by a specialist in the long term, cheaper than conventional dentures.

However, one can not treat every tooth loss with an implant restoration.

Rather, a number of indications and contraindications should be considered.

In any case, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon is the right contact when it comes to the question of a supply of artificial tooth roots.

Although implants are a very good option for dental prostheses, there are also cases in which an implant treatment can be differentiated.

A detailed consultation and the complete education about the implantation are taken for granted.

You are welcome to ask us a question!

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