Some dental practices specialize in the needs of pediatric dentistry. They offer the children and their parents a companion, from the milk teeth to the permanent teeth.

Good oral hygiene is very important not only for adults, but also for children. The practices should place special emphasis on prevention and prophylaxis (fissure sealing) and take the time necessary for this. The children have to learn early to take care of their teeth independently.

We recommend that the children slowly get used to visiting a dental office. On the first visits, the child should not feel any pain and should only be there „on a visit“. At the beginning of the actual session for children, brushing training should be in the foreground to show the children how they can take good care of their teeth. Finally, the teeth should be polished and fluoridated.

The dentist determines the time intervals for the next check-ups individually. The aim of the treatment is to introduce children to optimal oral hygiene very early on and thus lay the foundation for long-term healthy teeth. The health of their own mouth, dental care and regular visits to the dentist should be fun and enjoyable for the children.

The first regular appointments with the dentist should take place from the age of three.

We are happy to advise you and your children on open questions in pediatric Dentistry. Just write to us!

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